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Preference 292: Picking out baby names.

Harry: “How about Arthur?” He smiles, holding the ‘100 Greatest Baby Names’ book. “Harry, no, not Arthur.” His face sinks when you deny him, yet again. “How about Finn or Chase?”

Liam: “How about Lucy?” He didn’t like going through the baby name books, didn’t think it was as authentic. “I like Lucy, that’s a cute name.” You smiled, rubbing your swollen tummy.

Louis: “How about Kyle?” He smiles, placing his hands on your stomach where your child is rapidly growing. “I don’t know babe, I had that ex-boyfriend named Kyle.”

Niall: “Avery? Do you like Avery?” You ponder over his choice for a minute, “I still really like Lilly.” Niall rolls his eyes, “We are not naming our child after your dead cat, babe.”

Zayn: “How about Jacob?” He smiles, dog earring the page with the name on it. “That’d be a cute name, if we were having a boy.” You chuckle, “How about Amelia?”

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