knock knock, I like cock.
— Anonymous: Hey! I have a preference request. Okay so, All Time Low (a band not the song by The Wanted cause that's just awkward) has a bunch of songs that you could write song based preferences off of. I think you're really creative so you could use songs like: 1.) If These Sheets Were States 2.) Damned If I Do Ya 3.) My Only One 4.) Thanks To You 5.) Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass 6.) Time Bomb 7.) Backseat Serenade 8.) Under A Paper Moon 9.) A Daydream Away 10.) No Idea You don't have to do any though

Oh gosh, I love All Time Low so fricking much. I can’t believe I haven’t done one of their songs. I’ll do one of the songs you’ve requested. :)