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Preference 135: Tension.

Harry: …And it was built up from months and months on tour. The tension of when he gets home. Your back was soon pressed to the mattress. He was there, he was home. He was kissing you finally. The tension finally coming out. Tension from lack of sexual activity on both sides. Late Skype dates and phone calls weren’t as good as this.

Liam: …And it was built up from him staring at you in that dress. That dress he wanted to rip off with his teeth and make sure you knew how much it killed him. Dirty images cross his mind over and over, over and over until he had you home. Now pinned to the wall, his breathe fanning across your face.

Louis: …And it was built up from the bet you made. The bet of who would last longest. But he broke. He broke because kisses weren’t enough. Enough to force him into shoving you into the couch and giving up. Giving up his half of the chips that is. “I win.” You giggle into his mouth.

Niall: …And it was built up from watching you. Watching you dance around in those way too short shorts. He just couldn’t help the thoughts he had. The awful thoughts he had about those legs of yours and the magic you could do with your mouth. The mouth that was currently singing the words to your favorite song. He just couldn’t help but stroll over to you and take you.

Zayn: …And it was built upp from all those years in the friend zone. But those walls were broken down tonight. Tonight was the night he spilled all those pent up feelings hes had. And to his shock, you felt the same way. A few drinks and a quick stummble down the street to your flat and he had you. Had you right where he wanted. And that was for you to be his, forever.

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