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Preference 65: Punk’d (Your the host!)

Opening: Punk’d had contacted you about hosting the show to punk your boyfriend. You quickly accepted and had a plan to prank him to the max. 

Harry: You knew Harrys worst fear was of Rollercoasters. You had decided to have a man ask him to test his new ride in an amusement park. A hired actor rode with him. They board the ride, Harry didnt know the ride was a rollercoaster. The ride started and Harry started freaking out. The ride stopped suddenly on the biggest hill, at the top. The hired actor started panicing and screaming bloody murder, only freaking Harry out more. The operator came over the intercom and told them it could be hours before they come down. Harry started crying and yanking on his curls. You decided hed had enough and they started the ride up again. After it was over Harry got off in tears, everyone laughed and you told him it was all a prank. Harry didnt kiss you for 10 minutes as your punishment. 

Liam: You knew how fatherly Liam was. You decided to have a lady pretend to be giving birth on a train. Liam borded the train and sat next to the hired actress. They talked for awhile and she told him she wasnt due for another month. Liam started to fall asleep when the lady said she was uncomfortable, Liam tried to make her comfortable. She started to complain of cramps, and soon the effects fell into play and soak her seat. Liam started to freak out. “Shit, um um, what do I do?” he started panicing. He tried to find someone to help but all the cabin doors were locked and the other passengers(actors) were asleep. Liam told her to breathe but she started laughing, “Youve been punk’d by your girlfriend, Y/N.”

Louis: You decided to bring out a sassy part in Louis. You picked the time that he had to drive himself and Niall to the studio. When Louis pulls down a back road he comes across a man yelling at someone else. Louis rolled down the window and told them to move out of the way. The men(actors) started yelling at Louis and getting in his face. Louis got out of the car and started sassing at them, about to punch them. “Woah, chill mate, youve been punkd by your girlfriend.” Louis rolled his eyes.

Niall: Niall had to take a taxi since he couldnt drive yet. You hired an actor to play the taxi driver. Niall hoped into the taxi and told him were to go. Niall had taken the trip tons of times and knew his way. The taxi driver took a turn down an alley and stopped. “Uhm, whats going on?” Niall questioned. “Oh, Just a little stop.” The taxi driver winked. He climbed out of the taxi and went to a door. The door opened and the actor pretended to get shot. Niall screamed and jumped out of the taxi, “Hey mate wait! Youve been punkd!” 

Zayn: Zayn and you had gone to a restaurant for dinner. You went out to get something out of the car and you ran back to Zayn telling him there were naked people in your car. Zayn ran out to the car and started pounding on the window telling them to get out. You started laughing at his outrage, “Babe, I just punkd you.”

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