knock knock, I like cock.

Preference 36: One of the other boys find a dirty picture of you.

A/N: this preference absolutely made my day. Thank you for requesting it!

Harry: you and Harry had gotten a little frisky one night and ended up sending dirty pictures while he was on tour. Harry left his phone in his bunk while he showered. Louis’ phone was dead and he needed to call Eleanor. He found Harry’s phone and dialed her number. After they talked Louis noticed there was a text from you. Louis thought itd be funny to go through his texts to you. He came across the picture and was shocked. He started laughing and the boys came running in, Louis wouldn’t let them see it and locked Harry’s phone.

Liam: You had surprised Liam with new lingerie and Liam took a picture of you. Zayn was going through his pictures and found the picture. Liam gasped and snatched the phone away, but not before Zayn got an eyeful.

Louis: Louis and you had a long night and you fell asleep naked. The next morning you woke up to him taking a picture laughing. You told him to delete it but he promised not to show anyone. Niall was hungry and decided to look up a Nandos, Louis let him borrow his phone and Niall clicked on the wrong button and it opened the picture. Niall choked and dropped the phone, “Oh for Gods sake Niall!” Louis picked up the phone and glanced at the screen before scrambling to close the picture.

Niall: you were feeling really lonely one night while Niall and the lads were out drinking. Niall went to the bathroom and left his phone behind. The boys noticed his phone ringing and opened his phone to find a picture of you topless. They all stared with their mouths agape. Niall noticed and snatched his phone away and saw the picture, “uh I gotta go, Y/N needs me.” the boys all laughed as he scurried away.

Zayn: One night you asked Zayn to draw you like in the titanic. When he finished Zayn framed it in your closet. Liam had come over and Zayn asked him to go grab a pair of new shorts since his just got ruined by a bottle of grape juice. When Liam walked into the closet he was greeted by a picture of you naked drawn in detail by Zayn. Liam screamed and ran out of your closet. Refusing to ever go in again.

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