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A/N: These are all the preferences I have written, Ill try to keep it updated. :)

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  1. Your Song
  2. His goodmorning text to you.
  3. His name in your phone.
  4. What you do on your lazy days.
  5. What concert you go to see.
  6. You’re his step-sister and hes in love with you. Part 1.
  7. He meets your brother & they dislike each other.
  8. Why the fans like you two together.
  9. How you respond to hate.
  10. How you meet.
  11. First ‘I Love You’
  12. First arguement, part 1.
  13. What you do for his birthday.
  14. You’re his step-sister & hes in love with you. Part 2.
  15. Your child draws on the wall with sharpie.
  16. You break up & become good friends, but you’re still in love.
  17. Your first arguement, part 2.
  18. He finds out your a VS angel.
  19. you’re his step-sister & hes in love with you, 2/5 of part 3.
  20. You’re his step-sister & hes in love with you, 3/5 of part 3.
  21. You broke up & became good friends, and you’re still in love.
  22. He teaches your child to walk.
  23. You’re his stepsister & hes in love with you, part 4.
  24. What he does when he finds out your parents hit you.
  25. You have a fight about how to discipline your kids.
  26. You’re his stepsister & hes in love with you, part 5.
  27. You’re his stepsister & hes in love with you, part 6.
  28. What nickname you call him.
  29. He discovers your old tumblr.
  30. A cute thing he does for you.
  31. You accidentally kiss one of the boys, thinking its him.
  32. His favorite thing you do.
  33. What song he sings to you to sleep.
  34. What song he teaches you and instrument.
  35. He comes to your cheerleading competition.
  36. You get hate for being another race.
  37. One of the other boys finds a dirty picture of you.
  38. Your like their little sister, and you prove to them your not.
  39. Your ex boyfriend brings over your stuff and they get in a fight.
  40. The song he likes to get it on to.
  41. Wedding Series: He proposes.
  42. You walk in on him ‘wanking’
  43. You caught him cheating and hes trying to get you back.
  44. Wedding Series: You get frustrated while planning.
  45. Where he loves to kiss you.
  46. He overhears you talking bad about sex.
  47. He takes your virginity/your first time. (awkward Marly)
  48. Your his sister and he walks in on you and another member.
  49. Wedding series: Your bachelorette party.
  50. Weird/different things he wants to do to spice up your sex life.
  51. He uses you for sex, but falls for you.
  52. He has a wet dream about you.
  53. Wedding Series: The morning of.
  54. He finds out your a cat hoarder(Only Harry)
  55. You turn him on and the boys see.
  56. He finds out your deaf.
  57. Wedding Series: Your vows.
  58. You give him a boner.
  59. You break his penis during sex.
  60. Wedding Series: Song for your first dance.
  61. You walk in on your teen having sex.
  62. You tell him your pregnant.
  63. One of the other boys has a wet dream about you.
  64. Your teen walks in on you having sex.
  65. Punk’d(You’re the host)
  66. You meet fans.
  67. The paparazzi get too touchy.
  68. A pervert kidnaps you.
  69. What he thinks of your American accent.
  70. You go to an American football game.
  71. You want a tattoo.
  72. He rolls on your in your sleep.
  73. What he gives you before he leaves for tour.
  74. He goes to buy you pads/tampons.
  75. You meet his parents.
  76. You don’t understand his british lingo.
  77. You teach him to drive in America.
  78. He changes your babies diaper for the first time.
  79. Cute moment with your newborn.
  80. You help his mom make dinner.
  81. How he feels about your belly button ring.
  82. You insult him.
  83. You dance together.
  84. He finds out your a vegetarian?
  85. Nerf war turned makeout session.
  86. You take a shower together.
  87. Wedding Series: What he says when he proposes.
  88. Your scared to go to the dentist.
  89. His reaction to you meeting your celebrity crush.
  90. Your child has a nightmare.
  91. He goes to your volleyball game.
  92. He teaches you to drive in England.
  93. He finds dirty texts on your childs phone.
  94. You’re pregnant and he leaves you. Part 1.
  95. What he finds irresistible.
  96. Your boyfriend doesn’t say I love you, but he would.
  97. He’s back for you.
  98. You were his summer love.
  99. What little things he loves about you.
  100. You’re on your period.
  101. You push him off the bed.
  102. He punishes your kid for doing drugs.
  103. Your child gets a tattoo.
  104. Your child is called a spoiled brat in an interview.
  105. How they turn you on.
  106. He walks in on you singing.
  107. You send him a dirty picture.
  108. Your an athlete.
  109. You find out they’re…ghetto? (Deleted)
  110. You’re pregnant and he leaves you. Part 2.
  111. Your his younger sister, and its your first date.
  112. He gives your daughter ‘the talk’.
  113. Another guy hits on you.
  114. Twitter hate comfort.
  115. He moans your name.
  116. You tell him your pregnant on Christmas.
  117. Your baby’s first Christmas.
  118. His Christmas present to you.
  119. Your Christmas present to him.
  120. Where you celebrate for New Years.
  121. You meet on New Years Eve.
  122. He asks you to be his girlfriend on New Years Eve.
  123. Your kiss at midnight.
  124. Child tantrums.
  125. His favorite lingerie.
  126. Kicking bellies.
  127. Second Chances.
  128. Backstabbing.
  129. "Its Over."
  130. He Watches the Superbowl With Your Dad.
  131. Bad Dreams.
  132. After a Long Night.
  133. "It’s Over." Part 2
  134. Interruptions.
  135. Tension.
  136. You Don’t Love Him Anymore.
  137. How He Makes You Sleepy.
  138. He Meets Your Friends.
  139. Hands.
  140. Bad Intentions.
  141. Nerves.
  142. How He Makes You Smile.
  143. You Leave Your Bra Laying Around.
  144. How He Reacted When He First Saw You.
  145. How You Kiss.
  146. Favorite Memories.
  147. Who’s teasing who?
  148. Feeding each other.
  149. His secret turn-on.
  150. Fights. (Preview of Preference #200 Special)
  151. Truly, Madly, Deeply.
  152. Your eyes..
  153. Quiet Whispers.
  154. You get hurt.
  155. He fights with your friend.
  156. The aftermath of him getting a boner onstage.
  157. Taylor Swift Inspired.
  158. First Date.
  159. First Kiss.
  160. Nevershoutnever! Inspired.
  161. Sweet Notes.
  162. Locked Out of Heaven.
  163. Morning After.
  164. Which Character He Is From The Outsiders.
  165. He wants you to smile.
  166. You’re abnormally quiet.
  167. He teaches you something.
  168. Wet dreams.
  169. "Let’s Get It On."
  170. Your Parents are Downstairs.
  171. "I Miss You."
  172. Happy Trails.
  173. Hidden Messages.
  174. Smirks.
  175. I Knew You Were Trouble.
  176. The Way.
  177. Another Boy Likes You.
  178. He Wets Himself.
  179. He’s Tense.
  180. Tummies.
  181. The First Time He Sees You in a Bikini.
  182. How You Cuddle.
  183. He’s Jealous of Your Dog.
  184. You Buy a Horse.
  185. Your Busted song.
  186. Turn Your Face.
  187. Your Child Draws Him a Picture.
  188. Your Child Has a Nightmare.
  189. He Comes Home Late.
  190. He Can’t Sleep.
  191. When He Thinks You’re Asleep.
  192. His Favorite Scent.
  193. Knuckles. 
  194. He Finds Your Scars.
  195. You Take His Breath Away for the First Time.
  196. Trust Issues. 
  197. It’s Raining.
  198. You Have a Dark Past.
  199. When Your Hair is Pulled Back.
  200. Angry Makeup Sex(200th Preference Special).
  201. He Calls Late at Night.
  202. He Knows You’re About to Cry.
  203. You’re Studying For a Test.
  204. The Pick Up Line He Uses on You.
  205. He Paints Your Nails.
  206. He Buys Your Body Wash.
  207. You Moan His Name.
  208. Picture.
  209. He Thinks You’re Cheating on Him With One of the Boys.
  210. Damned If I Do Ya.
  211. Noise Complaints. 
  212. Midnight Snacks.
  213. You’re Packing.
  214. Your Song.
  215. You’re Wearing His Shirt.
  216. Your Embarrassing Sleeping Habits.
  217. He’s Being Stubborn.
  218. Your Break Up Song.
  219. Late Night Phone Calls.
  220. You’re At the Beach.
  221. You Cut Your Hair Short.
  222. He Picks Out Your Nail Polish.
  223. "I Know You."
  224. Justin Timberlake Inspired.
  225. Caressing.
  226. Flowers. 
  227. Fingertips.
  228. He’s Your Romeo.
  229. "It’s Hard to Be Happy.."
  230. How He Copes.
  231. Watching the Titanic.
  232. Smooth.
  233. A Habit Of His You Find Cute.
  234. A Habit Of Yours He Finds Cute.
  235. Travelling.
  236. Eyes.
  237. Sunburns.
  238. Celebrating.
  239. Silence.
  240. Lovebites.
  241. You’re Trying on Lipstick.
  242. You Take Him to Yard Sales/Car Boot Sales.
  243. Old T-shirts.
  244. Apologies.
  245. You Leave Your Underwear Lying Around.
  246. Your Daughter is Acting Strange.
  247. You Can’t Sleep.
  248. What You Stay Up All Night Doing.
  249. "I Know You Want Me.."
  250. Your Neck Hurts.
  251. Your Son’s Friends Think You’re a Fine Piece of Ass.
  252. Relationship Quirks. 
  253. What Song You Sing For Karaoke.
  254. You Cook Him Dinner For the First Time. 
  255. You Have a Stutter.
  256. America.
  257. Tour Bus Cuddles.
  258. You Have a Quirky Style.
  259. "Everything I Want.."
  260. Don’t Let Me Go.
  261. What You Do Before He Leaves For Tour. 
  262. Big Spoon or Little Spoon?
  263. First Time.
  264. Slow Dancing.
  265. Snapbacks. 
  266. Your Makeup Runs.
  267. After a Breakup.
  268. Cheeks.
  269. You’re His Sister and He Takes You To a Concert.
  270. You Find Out Your Son is Gay.
  271. Television Shows.
  272. You Go To See Monsters University.
  273. Long Distance Relationships. 
  274. You Announce Your Relationship.
  275. Your Mom Walks In.
  276. He Finds Out You Can Sing.
  277. You Overhear the Boys Talking.
  278. Sorting Hat.
  279. How He Feels Having Sex With You While Pregnant.
  280. Your Daughter Starts Her Period and You’re Not Home.
  281. Baby’s First Birthday.
  282. Why Can’t I?
  283. He Overhears a Mother-Daughter Talk.
  284. You Give Him a Blowjob.
  285. Hear Me.
  286. He Fingers You.
  287. He’s Protective of You.
  288. Handjobs.
  289. He’s Sick.
  290. What Song He Sings to You When You Can’t Sleep.
  291. Napping Backstage.
  292. Picking Out Baby Names.
  293. Your Little Brother is Jealous of Him.
  294. Sex Noises.
  295. Your Daughter is Pregnant.
  296. He Sees You Dance for the First Time.
  297. You Have Smaller Breasts.
  298. You’re Harassed at Work.
  299. Superhero AU.
  300. First Child.
  301. 'Daddy'.
  302. Friends With Benefits.
  303. Let Me Be The One To Save Your Life.
  304. Teenage Dirtbag.
  305. Friends With Benefits - Part 2.
  306. Autumn.
  307. Sweaters.
  308. Halloween.
  309. Stubble.
  310. Morning Sex.
  311. Friends with Benefits - Part 3.
  312. His Child Doesn’t Like You.
  313. Threesome.
  314. First Ultrasound.
  315. Labor.
  316. Video Games.
  317. You Meet His Mom.
  318. You Ride Him.
  319. He Cooks for You.
  320. Period.
  321. Sick.
  322. Panic Attack.
  323. Friends with Benefits - Part 4.
  324. Midnight Memories.
  325. Strong.
  326. Through the Dark.
  327. On the Road with Him.
  328. Right Now.
  329. Missing You.
  330. His Side of the Bed.
  331. Hot Chocolate.
  332. Napping.
  333. Skype.
  334. Under the Table.
  335. Sunday Morning (Rain is falling).
  336. 6 Months.
  337. Anniversary.
  338. You Look Good in my Shirt.
  339. Surprise.
  340. Footballer AU.
  341. His Hat.
  342. His Family.
  343. Mobbed.
  344. Lurching Hearts.
  345. Perfume.
  346. Cupids Bow.
  347. After a Concert.
  348. Uni AU.
  349. Christmas Movies.
  350. Making Love.
  351. You Get a Pet.
  352. Morning Wood.
  353. His Child Doesn’t Like You.
  354. He Thinks You’re Pregnant.
  355. He Has a Panic Attack.
  356. Making Out.
  357. You’re Younger.
  358. A Fan Asks For a Picture.
  359. Hot.
  360. His Eyes.

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