knock knock, I like cock.


Ashton’s Accepted into 5SOS - 5SOS Manchester 30th May 2014






Stop over jealous and insecure boys 2014 

what the hell is hw even code for 


— Anonymous: Hey, so what do you think of Niall and Selena? Do you think they're real? :o

Ehhh, I think they’re just friends. I don’t think Niall wants any drama and Selena has had a lot of drama lately. But if they are then great! I like Selena. :)

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— Anonymous: Hey babe I'm so sorry, I know you've probably already been asked this like a million times but I haven't seen anything and I checked your FAQ, but I couldn't find it. So may I ask how come you don't post preferences anymore?


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— Anonymous: whats your personal blog?


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— Anonymous: know any good prefs or pref writers?

dirtsbag, unifly93, 1dprefs1d, onnediirectionprefs. They all write great preferences. :)

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— Anonymous: I think you're really talented, its a shame you're not writing anymore, but hey, whatever makes you happy. :)

Thank you, babe. :)

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