knock knock, I like cock.
— Anonymous: Hey, so what do you think of Niall and Selena? Do you think they're real? :o

Ehhh, I think they’re just friends. I don’t think Niall wants any drama and Selena has had a lot of drama lately. But if they are then great! I like Selena. :)

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— Anonymous: Hey babe I'm so sorry, I know you've probably already been asked this like a million times but I haven't seen anything and I checked your FAQ, but I couldn't find it. So may I ask how come you don't post preferences anymore?


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— Anonymous: whats your personal blog?


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— Anonymous: know any good prefs or pref writers?

dirtsbag, unifly93, 1dprefs1d, onnediirectionprefs. They all write great preferences. :)

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— Anonymous: I think you're really talented, its a shame you're not writing anymore, but hey, whatever makes you happy. :)

Thank you, babe. :)

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— Anonymous: I hope you don't take this the wrong way it's just meant to be criticism not hate. But anyways it amazing how much you've "grown" and how you have changed. +

Nah, I don’t take that the wrong way at all. I actually love to know that I have grown. :)

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— Anonymous: Don't take this the wrong way, but you are a much better writer now than before I was just reading your old prefs. And they were almost a little carroty tbh. (Niall always eating e.g. haha) but they're still good +

Hahaha! Yes, I totally agree. It was because I was a carrot and I cringe at my old preferences. But I’m glad that I’ve gotten better. :)

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— Anonymous: Why don't you post preferences anymore? They're really good! I wish you'd continue! :)

Well, I’m starting my senior year this year and I’m going to be really busy this summer so I won’t have time. Also, I’m not really inspired anymore and it’s gotten really hard for me to sit down and write them. I’ve been doing them for 3 years, so it was bound to get old at some point and that happens to be now. Thank you for reading, though! I really appreciate it. :)

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type these words into your music library and name the first song that appears

Love: Crazy Love - Michael Bublé

Hate:  I Hate - Passenger

Light:  Where the Light Is - John Mayer

Dark: Dark Blue - Jack’s Mannequin

Good: Don’t Say Goodbye - Olly Murs

Bad: Bad - The Cab

Smile: Smile - Ed Sheeran

Cry:  Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake

Girl: About a Girl - Nirvana

Boy: Boy - Little Mix